How Sephiroth Got In Smash 🗡️

Publicado el 19 dic 2020
My boy.. Look how they massacred my boy..


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Final Fantasy VII - One Winged Angel (Sega Genesis Extended Remix) by TheLegendOfRenegade

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  • What’s criminally underrated here is the lack of subs to TheLegendofRenegade’s channel

    • In that case... What’s criminally underrated here is the lack of subs to 80% of ESmain channels

    • Kindly do me a favour and stop existing

    • Before I got him, I thought he actually had a gun


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  • Lol this would never happen to geno xD

  • When Sephiroth has a gun...😳

  • Idek who Reno, or Geno is lol

  • Geno. Most overrated character in existence

  • Sephiroth: I want a wooden BBQ Cloud: What is that? Sephiroth: [steb] Cloud: *DIE MONSTER, YOU DON'T BELONG IN THIS WORLD!* Sephiroth: I will never belong in this w-... I mean... I will never become a memory!

  • How Kazuya Mishima Got In Smash

  • Super smash bros community: sephiroth with gun

  • It was the destiny . . . This is only for wo play FFVII or FFVIIR

  • why is sephiroth has a gun? lol

  • Perfect

  • His dead body was then cast into a volcano by Kazuya

  • Now can you do one with kazuya

  • It's reminds me Desti's death. Press F to pay respects.

  • Just comming fot my "not geno reveal this time" View.

  • This time Kazuya murdered Ganon

  • sephiroth ripped geno’s skin apart then gave it to mii gunner as a costume

  • Crash after see Geno dying and becoming a new Mii costume: Mom pick me up, i'm scared

  • ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • You should do a montage about Super Mario RPG, that would be fun to watch...

  • Geno is in smash

  • who the hell is serperah, i dont know what game he from, he sucks as a character in smash, wtf did Nintendo add him for, especially when everyone wanted someone else

    • He's as iconic of a villain as Bowser. He's from FF7

    • you probably unironically want geno in smash huh

    • Salty

  • The other guys: I am gonna go to smash Bros Saphitoth: you sure about that

  • Geno for smash 6!!!

  • That remix though


  • "My boy... Look how they massacred my boy..." --TerminalMontage, 2020

  • How dare you Sephiroth this was my time to shine

  • I hope Choctopus doesn’t see this

  • Worst case scenario: Crash grabs a smash letter and generic white dude with beard #46 from COD shoots him and takes it.

    • @LordSaviorElmo 667 That would be worse. Like way worse. But I said that because both crash and COD are owned by Activision.

    • No the WCS is that Crash picks up the envelope, and Jonesy snipes him from his sky base.

  • Le oof

  • Geno noooooooooo

  • You where probably crying in tears when you where making this video....

  • We've been tricked, we've been backstabbed, and quite possibly, bamboozled I'm sure of it

  • Now this is what we call GENOcide. HahaHaHAhAhAHaHAHhAHaha.

  • This happens after right the sub space emissary episode

    • Yes, and was sad 😢

  • Imagine how heartbreaking it was to not only see your favorite character become a Mii costume, but also animate said character getting stabbed and have his invitation taken away. I am truly sorry for your loss.

    • But like, he created half of the suffering

  • Well... Actually, I think it make sense :3

  • When sephiroth took that invite out of geno’s hands it ripped the souls of many into pieces

  • How about Sephiroth vs mario

  • I think Sephiroth appeared as a boss instead of Bowsey

  • F for " my boy"

  • Rip geno

  • Because of min min multiple spirits can be added so slippy can be in smash so we got some hope left

  • Ik I’m late but geno and waluigi on on the do-not-let-them-in-or-else-no-more-smash-games list

  • Sephiroth: a swordsman Also sephiroth: Haha gun go brrr

  • XD :V

  • Long live the king! **throws Geno into a herd of wilde-yoshis** ...This re-enactment of what Sephiroth did, brought to you by some random guy with his name as part of his username. **Yoshi noises intensify**

  • Omg! This makes total sense! So that is why Geno is not in Smash yet...

  • For his neutral special... He weilds gun

  • Sephiroth doesn’t use a gun. They made that very clear in ff7

    • @Lite paw cloud himself said that sephiroth never had and never will use a gun. Unless you’ve only played the remake; they said in the og

    • Actually all Shin-ra Soldiers are trained to use guns, Some just prefer and switch to Swords. XD

  • Vergil: *looks at geno* First time? Geno: of course, but it is my second time i got turned into a mii costume Vergil: luckily dante isnt a Nintendo character ya know Geno:yeah but dante's voice actor is also sephiroth's voice actor. Vergil:i see.

  • Omg Geno finally got into smash and..... Ugh it’s Sephiroth

  • Expectation: Reality: just comes cuz Cloud was therr

  • It's ok Terminalmontage. I know what it's like not having a character like Mephiles from Sonic 06 or Gadget the Wolf from Sonic Forces being in Smash Ultimate.

  • The endless cycle of death Waluigi found the invitation Master Chief took it from Waluigi Doom guy took it from master chief Rex took it from Doom guy Crash took it from Rex Rayman took it from Crash Dante took it from Rayman Sora took it from Dante Geno took it from Sora Sephiroth took it from Geno When will it end?

  • cloud: dude! sephiroth killed geno

  • I liked when my ears survived through the video!

  • Initially, I really wanted Geno in Smash. But wtf is he gonna represent, ONE game...

  • What is the name of this theme? 0:01

  • Geno, I finally got the invitation for smas- Sephiroth, I like ya cut G

  • Bro this should had been Waluigi!!

  • real history

  • The best part is how you still managed to get the stock explosion in this

  • Story: Geno found an invitation to smash but Nintendo foresighted is and sent Sephiroth to kill geno and steal the letter and then later Sakurai found Geno's body and resurrected him to only be a mii fighter

  • thanks for liking my comment Terminal Montage. I'm a big fan

  • Todos quisiéramos que Goku; geno; y Rayman estuvieran en smash Bros admitanlo

  • Poor Geno

  • What if Sephiroth and Cloud came to Smash from Kingdom Hearts 2? *spoiler* They did vanish in a flash of light...

  • Unpopular Opinion: Geno sucks and Waluigi deserves to be in smash more than he does

  • And for his neutral special...

  • Do people even know who Gino is?

  • Same thing happened to me, but less brutal.

  • Mine >:)

  • I love how geno was rejected to be an actual smash character - v - sephiroth was definitely worth it

  • Your boy was massacred by. “Mii”

  • 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵

  • Congrats on getting 3 million subs!

  • The funniest part is the idea Geno was guaranteed a spot in the game.

  • what the he said my boy

  • I forgot the name of the forest maze theme from super mario rpg. Actually thanks for putting it in the desc.

  • For his neutral special Sephiroth wields a gun

  • The reason they haven't added Geno was b/c how OP he is (Reference to Subspace Embassy).

  • >:):))))

  • Yep that seems right

  • Well you know what they say about sepheroth: He’s the one winged glock 19

  • Terminal: *animates Sephiroth killing his dream DLC character* Also Terminal: _my boy...._

  • poor Terminal all he wanted was a character from a game that didn't even have a squeal HAHA.

  • “For his neutral special, he wields a gun”

  • Make Oot part two please

  • Boohoo wooden puppet man no in smash

  • My boy what happen to my boy

  • Geno never in smash

  • I love other games such as call of duty i'm sorry

  • "Beware the Forest Mushrooms" from Super Mario RPG. Don't ask me how I know this.

  • the sad

  • Sephiroth: sorry geno, you wont be getting into smash... The only you'll get is Dis pear.

  • Sephiroth's To Do list: • Never become a memory,but become a meme • Get a Smash Bros invetation • Harass Cloud while in Smash Bros • Plan for Mother's reunion while still harassing Cloud • Pick up pokemon food Pichu and harass Cloud some more • Rant about "The Promise Land" to Cloud • Brag to Kefka about being in Smash Bros As you all can see,Sephiroth is a a very busy man.

  • i like how sephiroth has a pizza head

  • Tbh I don't want geno in smash I knew who byleth was before I knew geno and I think he is too obscure also I don't want him taking a spot from my boy ... W🅰️lüīgî