Mega Pokemon Battle Royale (Loud Sound/Flashing Lights Warning) ☄️ Collab With

Publicado el 17 abr 2021
We're running the simulation again! This time it's.. A Mega Pokemon Battle Royale!! Who will win?? Be sure to watch Lockstin's analysis here:
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Writing by Lockstin

Animation, Additional Coloring, Sound Design, Writing, Voice of Gallade by Jeremey Chinshue

Background Art \u0026 Coloring by Edgar Nielsen

Chelsea Livingstone (Colonel Cheru) as Red

Agent J voiced by TTSDemo James

Music Used:

Pokemon Black \u0026 White - Battle! Elite Four (CPS-2 Remix) By TheLegendOfRenegade

Coffin Dance Meme Song (FREE Midi File, Stems \u0026 Ableton File) By DixonBeats (I applied the Goldeneye 64 Soundfont to the Midi)

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald - Team Aqua/Magma Grunt Battle (Genesis Version) By MyNewSoundtrack

Pokemon Diamond \u0026 Pearl - Contest Victory Midi (Pokemon Emerald Soundfont)

Pokemon Diamond \u0026 Pearl - Jubilife City [Daytime] (Sega Genesis Remix) By TheLegendOfRenegade

Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello

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  • Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen goods are now forfeit

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  • have some freeze-frame bonus timestamps, for I dont have a life 0:27 Heracross is a rhinoceros beetle colored blue (that being the inspiration for ol' Heracross) 0:38 The jellyfriend continues his cosmic sojourn 0:49 a Nipper (?) from Super Mario Bros 1:06 a Maractus, or something similar-looking, is upset at not getting a Mega Stone bonking their head 1:57 unknown reference, but there's a figure in the background after M!Glalie spreads his corona borealis 1:58 again, unknown reference, also only pops up during M!Glalie's bioweapon coughing (and is quickly covered by M!Audino) 2:12 amongst the various things turned to ash by M!Houndoom, one is instead Ash 2:18 Thwomp from Super Mario Bros 2:19 there's someone in that bisected van, and he's wearing a Team Rocket shirt... Kinda sus 2:32 Geno is in the window 2:43 funny wahoo man 3:10 Blooper from Super Mario Bros in the water 3:33 Space Invader 3:39 He is still number one 4:06 Pikmin 4:24 amongst the multiversal/multitemporal musings of M!Alakazam, levels from the SA Sonic and Mario serieses (seriae?) are visible, as is Kirbo's home 6:58 during the declaration of duel by M!Audino, there are shots of the card being held in his foot, a pogface (?), and a shot of it at a computer, with a nearby teapot having the same design as Polteageist's 7:39 one of the Men in Black and/or Game Freak employees is suddenly a Bulbasaur 7:41 Sudowoodo 7:55 Sudowoodo s w e a t s

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