Something About Mega Man X ANIMATED (Loud Sound & Flashing Light Warning) 馃崑馃敨 馃

Publicado el 17 jul 2020
Reploids all over the city have gone Maverick! There's only one robot out there that can save us.. Mega Man X!

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Art, Animation, Sound Design, Writing and Voice of X by Jeremey Chinshue

Background Art \u0026 Animation by Edgar Nielsen! Check out his stuff here!!:

Additional Voices:

Lucas Gilbertson as Zero

Stuart A. Hutson as Sigma

Dr. Light voice clip from Mega Man 8
Vile voice is Heavy from Team Fortress 2


Mega Man X - Title (Sega Genesis Remix) By TheLegendOfRenegade

Mega Man X - Opening Stage (Sega Genesis Remix) By Vector Orbitex

Mega Man X - Boss Battle (Sega Genesis Remix) By TheLegendOfRenegade

Mega Man X - Enter Zero (Sega Genesis Remix) By TheLegendOfRenegade

Mega Man X - Stage Select (Sega Genesis Remix) By Vector Orbitex

Mega Man X - Stage Start 3 MIDI from

Mega Man X - Chill Penguin (Sega Genesis Remix) By TheLegendOfRenegade

Mega Man X - Dr. Light's Capsules (Sega Genesis Remix) By TheLegendOfRenegade

Mega Man X - Spark Mandrill (No Console Limitations) By MyNewSoundtrack

Mega Man X - Armored Armadillo (Genesis Version) By MyNewSoundtrack

Mega Man X - Sigma's Fortress 1 (Sega Genesis Remix) By Vector Orbitex

Mega Man X - Vile (Sega Genesis Remix) By Vector Orbitex

Mega Man X - Zero's Death (Sega Genesis Remix) By Vector Orbitex

200 SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL!!: Mega Man X - Maverick Battle (MIDI Remix) By Carlo Nassar

Megaman X - Sigma Battle Phase 1 (Genesis Cover) By ChiptunedRaijin

Mega Man X - Wolf Sigma (Sega Genesis Remix) By TheLegendOfRenegade

10 - Mega Man 1 - Wily Stage Bosses (MMX Remix) By MyNewSoundtrack

Mega Man X - Stage Clear; New Weapon (Sega Genesis Remix) By Vector Orbitex

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Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello

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  • When will megaman x9 come out? Dr. Light: It's a great question

  • they move their hands the wrong direction on the guitar's fretboard for the notes. 0/10 jk good animation

  • 1:31 KIKAIDER!?

  • The miner: :0

  • Yeah. Yeah! Lemons!

  • Jajaja los sustitulos est谩n incre铆bles! Nadie reconoce el esfuerzo de un subtutilador, pero 谩nimo!...tus subtitulos son epicardos y le dan m谩s gracia al v铆deo nwn

  • 2:34 Friday Night Funkin鈥

  • Wow馃榾馃榾

  • Ooooo

  • 0:44 I WAS TOLD WE WOULD BE FIGHTING MEN!!! 1:26 I'M A BIG BOY!!! 1:33 You Must Recovuh All Theh Energie At Wonse Mega Man. What? That's A Good Qweschon. 2:02 I'm A MEGA Man Now! 4:35 DO I SMELL FOILED BABY DIAPER!?!?! 4:40 LET US FIGHT MAN VS. TINY BABY MAN!!! 4:48 LITTLE LITTLE MAN, YOU ARE NO MATCH FOR ME!!! 5:11 Welcome, I See You Managed To Get Here All By Yourself, Very Impressive! 5:42 Oh No, YOU'RE A WALL NOW!!! THAT'S RIGHT X!!! 5:49 **Screams Like Shark Puppet** 5:52 HAHAHAHAHAH, DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU CAN DEFEAT ME!?!?! Yes.

  • Fun Fact: when you open caption They are memes on it

  • I'M A MEGAMAN NOW!!! :)

  • Did not expect to hear Lucas Gilbertson's sweet sweet Zero voice again

  • The big boys = Ginyu Force

  • 濂界湅


  • What stage does everyone start with?

  • Yes, the guitar battle in Spark Mandrills stage was from the SNES port of the game. I鈥檓 a 90s expert I know. I lived there.

  • 3:25 Insert reference to an erupting,burning finger here

  • 1:35 Oh man... I had forgotten how horrible dr Light's official VA was in that one game...

  • Spark mandrill 馃馃

  • He literally has a lemonade on his arm xD 3:02

  • 2:32 I didnt come here to see guitar Hero! Anyways, 11/10

  • You know you've made it when you get zero's voice actor to voice him in your parody.

  • I M A B I G B O Y !

  • Did anyone notice how much wall Sigma looked like majora's mask?

  • All of X's dialogue: "Hey can you guys please stop?" *Screaming* "I'm a big boy, I can help!" I'M A BIG BOY!!" "What?" "Whoaaaaa" "I'm a Mega Man now" "Yo, this song is really good!" "BOI if you don't get-" "ok" "Oh no, he's too strong" "Oh no you're a WALL now!" *Screaming* "yes"

  • 3: 02 Metal Sonic!

  • 2:29 Ok, can we just talk about hiw accurate those captions are?

  • 2:33 This video predicted... Friday Night Funkin??? Wat.

  • 2:28 Is X a Mega Man or a Gitaroo Man?

  • 1:31 Is that freaking Kikaider?!

  • 1:00 ITS GBD HES BAACK!!!!!!

  • At least the music is accurate.

  • R.I.P Club Penguin

  • WTF? 1:31 is that kikaider over there?

  • Mega man music is always so fucking good.

  • The 2nd boss he does is just Friday Night Funkin鈥

  • Everytime when I battle segma 5:42

  • Sigma: 鈥淭his isn鈥檛 even my final form!鈥 Mega Man: 鈥淥h no you鈥檙e a wall now.鈥 Sigma: 鈥淗AHAHAHAHA!!! DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU CAN *DEFEAT ME?!鈥* Mega Man: 鈥淵es.鈥 *Tackles Sigma and knocks him down a huge hole while the villain screams in terror*

  • 4:50 who鈥檚 the skeleton dude in the doorway?

  • 4:44 CHOMP!!! AAAAGGGHHH!!!

  • Bruh. That guitar duet is for real.

  • 1:55 can anybody tell me what the penguin is looking up on his iPhone? My first impression was a walkthrough on how to beat the crazy speedrunning MegaMan.

  • 1:25 IM A BIG BOY!!!

  • Honestly, I have to say that you make all of the boss robots look so much cooler than they do in reality.

  • Zero: Take my arm X: The hell yeah

  • dude yessss thank you for this!!

  • Melhor descri莽茫o e t铆tulo de v铆deo haha

  • dont matter if hes a big boy or mega man, hes still baby

  • Watching this was funny! Also: BRAND?!! Have you ever considered doing a 'Something About' about Mighty No. 9?

  • 1:00 *YAAAAAAA*

  • I just realized in this he didn't even care to get the armor or helmet. Only wanted the dash boots lol

  • 5:56 melhor parte KKKKKK

  • 2:33 Friday Night Funkin be like

  • It took 28 years for Samus to learn too

  • Light: You must recover all the energy immediately megaman. X: What? Light: That鈥檚 a good question. -dips

  • 1:19 am I the only one who thinks it鈥檚 so adorable how the Chill Penguin looks ?馃ぃ

  • OMG tysm!! For hearting my comment!

  • ta piola

  • This is how I remember Megaman X

  • Where can I get the scream sample at 5:47 ?

  • "I'M A BIG BOY" always gets me

  • And they say X is a pacifist.

  • Best video ever

  • Lmao, enable subtitles everyone.

  • First rule of TerminalMontage: *S U B T I T L E S*

  • Zero IS GAY

  • 0:34

  • metal sonic鈥檚 color palette blends in so well that i never noticed him the first few time watching this

  • Alguien se di贸 cuenta que X solo tomo las botas de toda su las c谩psulas? Y no agarro ni un coraz贸n?

  • Me: im not lucky :( God: *pick revers carf* no u

  • Where do I find the music from when Sigma shows up? That sounds metal af.

  • Took me 10 months to realize the Ginyu Force reference at 0:58 in the background

    • Oh yes馃槄

  • mega man x2 animation

  • Yo,i remember watching this,when this came out,It's been 10 months?!?!!time flies,doe

  • 1:53 How it felt to fight against melee fox.

  • Melhor tradu莽茫o

  • Agreed. 2:23 That song is really gooooood.馃憣馃槆

  • 0:03 This should be new anime intro

  • When you rewatch this enough times to spot something you hadn't noticed before 3:02 WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE?!

  • Invincible in a nutshell

    • Think x think

  • 100000 like

  • Did anyone notice that when x says boi if don鈥檛 and it cuts to vile then x is upside down

  • 1:24 (Lumberjack Robot): **sees X coming** **waves hello** "Hello neighbor-" (X): *"IM A BIG BOY!!!!"* **Proceeds to murder the lumberjack robot.**

  • Chill Penguins first. Always.

  • When the guitar battle is just synths.

  • jajajaja mega man x

  • 2:50 what his name????

  • Beep bop skdee bop

  • Funny moments

  • 0:40 i'ts kinda sound of baby


  • Pleas mega Man x3

  • Perfect

  • I heard a Doom64 doors sound there, hahaha i like this buay!!!


  • HOLY BALLS!!!!!

  • I literally listened to that song for a half hour