"Something About" Season 2 (Loud Sound & Light Sensitivity Warning) 馃摷馃摷

Publicado el 21 dic 2019
A compilation of all the "Something About" videos from 2019 (Minus the post credit scenes)!! It's been a wild journey; we saw all of our heroes face off against Dharkon, DK murdered a crocodile king, HIYAA saved the galaxy, we peered into the depths of the BIRD DIMENSION, ran the Pokemon Battle Royale simulation again, watched a man freshly awoken from a coma slay an eldritch abomination in his underwear, discovered that WAHOO survived the battle in World of Light but is possessed by a speed demon, then watched him and HIYAA duke it out in an intense battle in celebration of getting 1 Million Subscribers, witnessed the birth of Kirbo and his first adventure, learned that 72% of people sit while wiping their butt, and 27% stand (as of 12/20/19), watched baby Pokemon battle to the death, and confronted COPPA.

Thank you all for the support, none of this could've happened without you! 馃挭

Something Series Full Playlist esmain.info?list...

0:00 Something About Smash Bros. World of Light

7:05 Something About Donkey Kong Country
9:51 Something About Star Fox 64
15:45 Vaporwave Dimension Extended Scene
19:22 Something About Monster Hunter World Part 4
21:10 Legendary \u0026 Mythical Pokemon Battle Royale
27:34 Something About Zelda Breath of the Wild
32:09 Something About Super Mario World
35:21 Melee Fox VS Speedrunner Mario
41:30 Something About Kirby's Adventure
44:40 Something About The The Typing of Dead
48:02 Baby Pokemon Battle Royale
52:13 Something About COPPA

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Jeremey Chinshue (Creator, writer, art, animatics, animation, coloring, backgrounds, sound design, and additional voices)
Twitter: TerminalMontage
Facebook: TerminalMont...
Instagram: jeremeyyyyyy

Lockstin (Pokemon Battle Royale writer)

Edgar Nielsen (Animation and Background assist)

Danny Reyes (Oryozema) (Background assist)

Chelsea Livingstone (ColonelCheru) as Peach, Slippy, Zelda, Kirbo

Subakuryu as Bowser:

Jamie Norwood as Dracula:

Marc Rafanan as Marx:

SrPelo as Andross

Mick Lauer as King Rhoam

Luigi voiced by TheSnivyProductions119

Something VS Announcer - Sandy White

Speedrunner Mario - Grant Patrizio

Melee Fox - Phil Avalos

Anime Fox \u0026 Anime Mario - Kojiasano

Jeffrey Barr as Meta Knight

Jeffrey Giamo, creator of Captain Fear Facer as Dying NPC and Munchlax

James, Gary, Amy, Harry


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  • Am I the only one that didn't finish the smash bros ultimate storyline? No just me? Dang...

  • 7:12 "Hey, Vsauce here." XD

  • I like how the core is just a chrome logo


  • The bird up joke just became unfunny and annoying. even my friend can't stand it and he is a introvert.

  • Yay Christian channel

  • 21:10

  • Is it me or did the music for fox and him traveling to hyper space change? It doesn't sound the same right?

  • The impolite company subjectively fax because capital compatibly colour pro a scrawny innocent. healthy, gabby joseph

  • 0:10 You've got Mail!

  • 6:40 When you forget to bring your holy stuff to slay another demon


  • Is fox and his crew on acid?

  • me when my brother asks for help: 50:23

  • can you do something about minecraft and another one on splatoon that would be cool

  • The ps2 intro gets me 5:36

  • Not copopa

  • "Hello Papa." - Star Fox 2019

  • I'm out of the loop on the scuttle bug part whats the deal with that?

  • 2:17,sans in smash confirmed, ness is a sans echo fighter

  • Link,open your eyes,look to the skys and seeeeeeeee

  • lava: killing almost EVERYTHING REGICE: i鈥檓 fine

  • Star fox was holding back a lot of tears

  • 4:00 Bowser: Don't worry. I'll make this quick. Also Bowser: takes the next 30 seconds growing

  • 36:56 Mario's new Final Smash might be like:

  • I never thought someone would make something so funny about Zelda and Mario

  • 8:43

  • Also, I miss having YOUR subtitles.

  • The time distortions are getting worse...

  • My favourite reference was HK-47 as Registeel. (i know im late)

  • T H A N K Y O U S O M U C H F O R P L A Y M A G A M E

  • 27:11 This contains so much info but I don't know how to decode it, can someone help

    • I bet even Jeremy couldn't decipher it, did you see the look on his face?

  • Hey Jeremey, as a 37 year old Reformed Christian gamer I just wanna thank you for the absolutely hysterical and outstanding animations. The fact that Kirbo uses Jesus as a summon card just cracks me up every single time. You know because it would definitely work.

  • It鈥檚 back!!!! I found it! Thank goodness.

  • Why is this unlisted?

  • So apparently this is unlisted now. Who knew? Edit: Not anymore, but it was. Trust me, i have proof.

  • yes

  • I love 53 minutes of content

  • 2:44 turn it to max volume to hear the music. Half if using headphones

  • Oh my god, When the Geno spectre entered Mario that was the speed demon possessing him.

  • TerminalMontage is 4 parallel universes ahead of us

  • Bird up is the most cursed video ive ever seen馃ぃ馃槶

  • WTF!! with the bird

  • this is great bg asmr for doing late college work

  • 1:57 best song in 2021

  • Y鈥檃ll鈥檇n鈥檛鈥檝e

  • It鈥檚 three am time to binge terminal montage

  • Make Oot part two please

  • The video: "Does what it does" Autogenerated subtitles: *"WHAT IS THIS FOREIGN LANGUAGE"*

  • Watching back all of these, I realize the Speed Demon was referenced over a year before his big reveal in Subspace

  • Stop Bird up

  • One hour of pure madness and entertainment

  • I just came to see the 鈥淚鈥檓 four parallel universes ahead of you鈥

  • Real pain comes from seeing the vaporwave scene and listening to the cut music

  • 4:38 as if

  • Why can I never find what video that 鈥渕anifests speed demon鈥 clip originated in?

  • If you know Spanish, can you tell me what the coppa episode is about, please?

  • If I was Kirbo I would say in the Star Fox 64 video ahora que quiere estoy durmiendo c a r a j

  • If I was Kirbo I would say in the Star Fox 64 video ahora que quiere estoy durmiendo c a r a j

  • it is true the spirit of paulini (I knew Mario odiceui) is very difficult

  • r/niceguys

  • That face tho 4:44 (pause it as quickly as you can)

  • 馃槰it was the frog guy being stuck on that planet that ties into the Samus thing

  • 6:51 I need to know what that says

    • "You have to stop this madness, I regret combining the universes, who am I to play God? The internet and the memes will be the end of us."

    • Ok I鈥檓 back, I ruffle say: 鈥渨ho am I too play God? I should not have combined the universes鈥 and something about 鈥渋nternet memes鈥, go see it yourself at 6:51

  • You should have made the final boss the baby car

  • koopa troopa: I guess ill die (as he meets mario) Also... Kirbo's powers seem to be tied to his love and faith in the lord. Would love to see an episode where his faith is challenged by God himself and when he tries to use the crucifix to beat an evil and powerful enemy, but God abandons him like he did his son jesus christ. Would love to see how kirbo handles the situation. Man these "Something About" episodes are great

  • All heed Fox's wise words of encouragement before battle... HIYAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

  • I love these so much.

  • 12:00

  • It鈥檚 Sunday 12:00Am Sunday April 11th 2021

  • EVERYONE VS INF BOWSER Peach gonna make an mad face Doe- Breaking thangs UNTIL UNIVERSAL ERROR DEAd 3 slaps and an leave

  • Ship ruined


  • The first time I鈥檝e ever comment on this video But this guy is gonna hit 3M subscribers So

  • why was the music at 11:13 get cut out?

  • 2:43 the perfect transition

  • 28:53 isso era portugu锚s?

  • Kirby in smash on story mode when everyone gets blinded: ............ I got it -_-

  • i want to ride the yoshi :V

  • TOO MANY UP-BIRDING!!!!!!!!!! (positive thinking)

  • 馃槺 omg Wat the

  • ESmain has to got to stop blocking the music during the space warp part. Now it's just dead silent.

  • You messed up on the time card for BOTW. A little late but like, just wanted to let you know.

  • Lesgoo

  • i need a something about hello neighbor

  • For the jjba fans, Mario: D4C Fox: Made In Heaven

  • I miss the vaporwave starfox scene.

    • I got a heart after a year of this vid existing why

  • i just like how 19:22鈥 is just BIRD UP

  • J


  • You have to stop this madness,I regret combining the universes,who am Ito play god? The internet and the memes will be the end of us

  • I love when Kirby says boys

  • 6:26, the power of STEVEEEEE

  • 11:16 what IS that song?

  • Something about coppa

  • w h o m s t ' d ' v e

  • Ubers in a nutshell

  • Can u make something verses a real series please?

  • I like how there is a Geno reference in every season uwu