Speedrunner Mario VS Super Sonic (Fight scene from the 2.76M Sub Special) - SOMETHING VERSUS 🤼‍♂️

Publicado el 25 feb 2021
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Animation, Sound Design \u0026 Writing - Jeremey Chinshue

Background Art \u0026 Coloring - Edgar Nielsen

Chelsea Livingstone (Colonel Cheru) - Kirbo, Peach, Daisy, Samus and Rosalina

Grant Patrizio - Luigi

Kojiasano - Anime Mario

Announcer - Sandy White

Final Destination (SSBB) Remix - Drum \u0026 Bass By Acid-Notation esmain.info/goal/v-deo/pZaGrZiqetVpi6s

Credits theme; Garden Stage by Jattello esmain.info/goal/v-deo/j4p2iqiJhM2Tjqc

Anime Fight References \u0026 Inspiration:

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Season 3 Finale


  • If sonic can go back in time, does that mean that there are timelines where he won? Something to think about.

    • @SAXIMUM crazy eh?

    • @Zora 😳

    • He just lost a life and reset at the nearest checkpoint

    • "how many timelines did you see?" "14,000,605" "How many did you win?" " *CHILIDOGS* "

    • if mario can go into different realitys and if sonic went past that reality does that mean sonic won?

  • I have literally been asking for this over a year now and I am so glad it is finally here. No complaints at all

  • What Mario doesn't know is that that glitch is only in one game

  • Spoiler 3:10

  • I need him to say more chilled dog

  • Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • for anyone wondering, the sfx at 2:41 is the enen no shouboutaiBast move used in fire force, your welcome lol

  • 2:47 Did……. did he just predict the “Think Mark” meme?

  • When the speedy kid and the anime kid have a fight on school

  • Oye que pedo con

  • Wtf

  • Go mario

  • Sonic uses: golden experience req Mario uses: king crimson

  • Me fighting a pika in gpo be like:

  • how about mario vs me (boy friend from friday night funkin or a arrow game tou you get the arrows to win)

  • Plumber vs hedgehog with the power of a god

  • Amo que tenga subtitulos ♡

  • I love how Speedrun Mario is so op. Mama Mia

  • the best fight

  • This 3 min fight scene is better than dbz, dbgt and all put together

  • 1:39 the best fricking part of all this channel

  • Btw hyper sonic can’t be killed either and hyper sonic’s speed has no limit so I REALLY wanna see hyper sonic vs speed runner Mario


  • One error here: sonic could have just used chaos….. CONTROL

  • Ngl This Is The Best Animated Fight I've Seen In My Life.

  • This is a epic battle… bUt!!!! Super Sonic is invincible right???? Like Mario with the star 🤔

  • maybe one day nintendo will appreciate this work reaaaaaaaaaaaally hard work who knows maybe?

  • Say what you will about Terminalmontage but the guy can animate an amazing fight scene.

  • can you make more sonic plz

  • The gacha life kids: My OC is perfectly normal What their OC's can do:

  • Imagine sonic with the speed demon

  • Speedrunner Mario vs Super Sonic *& Knuckles*

  • Save

  • sonic vs mario is an epic battle you can believe

  • 1 palabra douuuu

  • 1:39

  • What happend in the end?


  • In a world in a country in a city in a house in a time there is a little mustachioed man who goes YAHOO, YAYAYAYAYA - OH MY GOD HELP 😱😱😱

  • Uff brutal animation, best what Dragon Ball super :v

  • I just watched this while playing Live & Learn (Sonic track) in the background to be reminiscent of the Super Sonic spirit battle in Ultimate.. sounds cool :)

  • So this is why Mario and sonic and huge rivals.. It’s all coming together

  • Chili dogs.

  • I like the nod to one punch man

  • This is the best anime battle i ever seen. Sure that this is on a Top 10 Anime Battles.

  • *You are to fast!*


  • chili dogs.

  • When the two gods of dodgeball on class decides to use their hand because they threw the ball too far and theres none left :

  • Dio: So, the stand you possess is ‘ Parallel Universe’

  • just saying , super sonic never went to hyper sonic which is like ultra instinct

  • Epic

  • Moral of the story: cHiLIdOgS

  • I need the battle song!

  • There is only one person that can beat mario. I will give you a hint they wear a fedora.

  • 0:52 music name?

  • We need a speedrunner Mario vs Hyper sonic, since we do know speed demon still does exist I. This timeline 👀👀

  • Best... 3 : 16... Ever...

  • Something I just noticed, both at the start of the fight and when sonic travels back in time, mario faces sonic right before he gets hit. It almost feel as thoug mario knew before the fight began that sonic would do a time leap, and turned to face the time leap sonic and not the original sonic. Shows that mario, or at least the speed demon is indeed 4 parallel universes ahead.

  • Please make a second part of subspace emissiary leading up to the events of ultimate

  • reference to the intro of dragon ball super

  • Team mario

  • I have to ask 🙊 what's the title of the dnb song of the fight? Cause it's as awesome as the fight!

  • Top ten anime fights

  • Sonic vs. Mario be like

  • better than any anime ever made EVER

  • Mario's but must hurt because of the yahoo

  • This fight is a researched or not?

  • I've watched this Video like 20 Times ist sooooo crazy I love the Musik and that he speak Japanese this make a massive goosebumps attack I wish more of (something v.s.) 😍😍

  • We need more is thiss

  • Imagine if mario had a star then we would have no chance of survival

  • Anyone who dislike this vid you don’t know what good animation are

  • why does sonic always lose

  • Wait where did the rest of it go?

  • 2:30 sonic: one's all he needed

  • Chili dogs vs spaghetti

  • That’s a spicy a meatball

  • Plot Twist: speedrunner mario made that face because he came back as hyper sonic

  • 1:41 The Mask

  • I'd watch something vs than anime

  • This needs to be made an anime bro cause I would binge watch tf out of this! (I lowkey thought of Goku vs Jiren from DragonBall Super while watching this)

  • wahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • *P a t h e t i c*

  • Replay back at that

  • I like how he feds him and i like how super sonic is like punching so hard

  • 2x is how this scene played out It's just slowed down so we can see

  • If you watch Sonic time travel scene at half Speed it will be at the same speed as normal

  • insert epic music

  • SUPER Shadow the hedgehog woud have defeated Mario with Chaos Control!!!


  • Mario: 1 time jump? P a t h e t i c. Me: Keeps reversing the fight. My thoughts: I have become the master of time!.

  • How it feels to fight your friend for the first time in any fighting game:

  • What if Super Chili Dogs went Hyper Chili Dogs?

  • Dog chilli's Oh yeah, and yahoo is there too

  • The true something versus: Blue yoshi vs speedruner mario

  • now i must ask is the initial fighting after the announcer not the same animation from Jiren vs UI Goku?? which is cool if it is just want to confirm :)

  • 0:52 Insert jojo meme here.

  • “Your speed is only temporary, mine builds for eternity!” *has a stroke and dies*

  • This is how i pictured fighting with my brother

  • I just noticed that at 2:40 mario charges his final punch WHILE still barraging sonic.